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Executive Agenda

A. On Administrative Governance

1. Kapitolyo para sa Mamamayan

1.1. Institutionalize a system of allowing people from all walks of life

access to the Provincial Government Offices

1.2. Ensure active community involvement in the entire development process 

to foster transparency and accountability

1.3. Establish a public assistance center to promptly provide accurate information 

and appropriate forms of assistance to the public

2. Pursue reactivation and strengthening of mandatory local special bodies and other locally created bodies to ensure participation in all local government processes.

3. Strengthen partnership with the National Government Agencies and lower-level Local Government Units to ensure synchronized delivery and counterparting of resources for programs/projects

4. Establish continuing consultations with Non-Government Organizations, People's Organizations and civil society groups to ensure effective governance.

5. Encourage the private sector to create more job opportunities in the economic sector through market competition without compromising public interest.

6. Strictly enforce RA 9184 - An Act Providing for the Modernization, Standardization and Regulation of the Procurement Activities of the Government and for Other Purposes.

7. Improve revenue generation through General Revision of Assessment of real property, intensification of tax collection, development of economic enterprises and availment of grants/aids from national and foreign sources

8. Observe judicious utilization and management of available resources

9. Reinforce intra/inter-department partnership and convergence on programs/projects to optimize resources and expand service coverage

10. Ensure a performing bureaucracy characterized by a responsive organizational structure, professionalized human resource and effective systems and procedures

11. Institute executive/legislative measures to sustain programs/projects implemented by the Provincial Government


B. On Economic Governance

1. Increase agricultural productivity in grains, vegetables and livestock, fishery and high value commercial crops (HVCC) through, among others, the promotion of organic farming, crop diversification and farm mechanization (FMRs and other agri-support facilities).

2. Sustain the implementation of the Integrated Coastal Resource Management Program in the province. 

3. Construct/upgrade infrastructure facilities to support tourism industry in the province.

4. Develop/promote potential local tourist destinations.

5. Adopt the existing guidelines for implementing PGOM infrastructure projects under counterparting scheme

6. Reinforce partnership with job providers to increase employment opportunities abroad for the Mindoreños and ensure the OFWs welfare

7. Ensure affordable and reliable power supply through the development of hydro, geothermal and other indigenous/ renewable power sources

8. Provide broader opportunity for trade and investment and employment 

9. Promote technology, livelihood and MSME development

C. On Social Governance

1. Implement the comprehensive package of programs for the Indigenous People and other disadvantaged groups.

2. Increase public access to cheaper but high quality medicines and drugs.

3. Sustain PhilHealth universal coverage of indigent families

4. Ensure the functionality of the 24 hour emergency response team and the 24 hour Botika ng Lalawigan ng Oriental Mindoro (BLOM) operation. 

5. Intensify the upgrading of health facilities and equipment 

6. Enhance the implementation of sports and educational programs particularly scholarship programs, giving priority to indigent pupils/ students, and augmentation and skills upgrading of public elementary and secondary school teachers, including teachers for Indigenous Peoples and pre-schoolers.

7. Maintain intensive law enforcement operations to ensure peace and order and public safety throughout the province.

8. Ensure the development of agrarian reform, urban and ancestral domain lands through asset rehabilitation/reform

9. Provide low-cost/socialized housing to indigent families including informal settlers and PGOM employees

D. On Environmental Governance

1. Conduct continuous study to address the flooding problem in the municipalities of Victoria, Baco, Naujan, Calapan City and other flood-prone areas.

2. Strictly enforce the 25-year moratorium on large-scale mining in the province.

3. Adopt RA 10121 otherwise known as Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Act of 2010 

4. Fully implement the Environmental Code of the province 

5. Intensify promotion of "Plant and Grow a Tree" in upland, lowland and coastal areas.